Top 3 Tripods for Macro

Camera tripods are used to prevent camera movement. Especially when taking macro photography, it is even more important to keep movement at a minimal in order to have a clear and sharp pictures. You want to see every detail on the subject you are shooting. There are many different types of tripod which differ in price, height, support weight, type of head, and more. Below are the top 3 tripods for macro photography.

1. Ravelli APGL4

The Ravelli APGL4 is a Professional Pistol Grip Tripod providing a solid base for high-end photographic equipment. This model is all pressure treated aluminum alloy construction and is unrivalled in stability. The pistol grip adjustable head provides smooth fluid adjustment to any angle. The center column is height adjustable and the legs can be inverted for low angle shots. Dual foam grips, quick release leg locks, a quick release camera plate and rubber feet/metal spikes complete a very nice tripod. It operates at 70 inches, weighs 8 pounds, and supports up to 16 pounds.

- 70 inch height. 8 pounds. Supports up to 16 pounds.
- Quick release camera plate.
- Pistol grip tilt adjustment head.
- Quick release leg locks.
- Rubber and spiked feet included.
- Invertible quick release center column.

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2. Manfrotto 055XPROB

Designed for professional photographers, this is an extremely versatile tripod, ideal for small and medium format cameras. The 055XPROB makes the famous Manfrotto-patented Q90 center column even easier to use. By extending the column to its highest vertical position, the Q90 center column allows the change from a vertical to horizontal position without removing the head or disassembling the column itself. Making setups between framing and positioning more convenient than ever. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks add to the key features of this professional tripod.

- 70 inch height. 5.3 pounds. Supports up to 15.4 pounds.
- Faceted center column eliminates column rotation.
- Built-in low angle adapter in the center column for ground level shots.
- Leg warmers on 2 legs ease handling in extreme weather conditions.
- Four leg-angle settings (25,46,66 & 88°).
- Maximum height (with center column down), 56".

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3. Vista Explorer

The Vista Explorer features include sturdy 25-mm diameter 3-section legs with oversize flip locks, a hefty 11-inch, 20mm-diameter geared center post for rapid height adjustment on the fly, a nicely finished 3-way pan/tilt head with two bubble levels for precise vertical and horizontal orientation, and a quick-release plate for speedy camera mounting and removal. It also features a locking leg support brace enhances stability, and there's a third bubble level on the base to facilitate quick, easy setup on uneven surfaces. It has a carry hook at the bottom of the center post, a separate carry handle, and non-slip rubber feet for enhanced stability on slippery surfaces.

- 60 inch height. 3 pounds. Supports up to 4 pounds.
- Sturdy 25-mm diameter 3-section legs with oversize flip locks.
- Third bubble level on the base to facilitate quick, easy setup on uneven surfaces.
- 3-way head with 2-way tilt plus pan; 2 bubble levels.
- High quality tripod bag included.
- 10-year warranty.

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