Top 3 Portrait Editing Software

1. Portrait Professional 11

Portrait Professional is a software application for Windows and Mac that lets anyone easily enhance photos of people. Portrait Professional has been shown hundreds of photographs of beautiful human faces, and using sophisticated statistical techniques, it has learnt how to subtly airbrush and touch-up photographs to make them more beautiful. This means that Portrait Professional will automatically make hundreds of improvements to your portraits. All you have to do is choose how subtle or dramatic to make each change. Portrait Professional touches up and enhances people in the same way that good lighting and perfect makeup is used to make someone look more attractive. The software really can make anyone look as good as a celebrity in a magazine.

- Quickly and easily improve portrait photos.
- Subtly reshape any aspect of the face to make it more attractive.
- Fix skin blemishes such as spots or pimples, and also fix red-eye.
- Adjust the lighting on the face to make it more flattering.
- Reduce and remove wrinkles, grease, sweat or unsightly shine highlights from the skin.
- Accurate automatic face and feature detection.

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2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

The Adobe Lightroom 4 software helps you create amazing images that inspire, inform, and delight. Bring out the best in every shot with powerfully simple one-click adjustments and a full range of cutting-edge advanced controls. Craft elegant photo books and effortlessly share your best shots on social networks, in web galleries, and more. Perfect your images, organize all your photographs, and share your vision all with one fast, intuitive application. Get everything you need beyond the camera. You can organize, perfect, and share your photos. It also lets you combines all your digital photography tools in one fast, efficient application. Get the highest possible quality from every pixel in your images, whether you shot them with a pro DSLR camera or a camera phone.

- Highlight and shadow recovery.
- Photo book creation.
- Superior image processing and noise reduction.
- Extended video support.
- Advanced black-and-white conversion.
- One click adjustments to multiple images.

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3. Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 11

Keep track of all your memories with intelligent options that help you quickly organize, find, and view all your photos and video clips. You can edit photos to make every photo look its best with powerful yet simple editing options that offer everything from quick fixes to unlimited creative possibilities. You can count on automated movie-making options to take the work out of video editing, and enhance your movies with pro-quality effects and sound. Get inspired to create personalized photo keepsakes including scrapbook pages, cards, and calendars. Do more with your photos and videos by combining them to tell entertaining stories. You then can quickly showcase your photos and movies via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, interactive Online Albums, and virtually anywhere else.

- Easy and powerful editing for photos and videos.
- Easily manage photos.
- Step-by-step assistance.
- Instantly create a polished movie.
- Flexible photo layouts to make calendars, scrapbook, cards, and more.
- Add quality movie effects, transitions, and sound.

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