Top 3 Mouth Guards

1. Shock Doctor Adult Gel Max

The Gel Max mouthguard has a heavy-duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame and Gel-Fit Liner that provide maximum protection, fit and comfort in an easy to fit triple-layer design. A Breathing Channel allows for easy breathing while clenching teeth together. It comes in a variety of colors and is latex free.
- Heavy duty rubber frame provides impact protection.
- Custom molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit.
- Latex Free.
- Variety of colors.

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2. Brain-Pad LoPro+

These mouth guards are used in sports with hard contact. It secures and cushions the jaw. Brain-Pad design rechnology is tested and proven to reduce impact forces to the base of the brain & TMJ by as much as 40%. The AeroFlowClench and Breathetechnology enhances breathing and endurance, which lets you breath through the mouth even while clenching.
- AeroFlowClench and Breathetechnology enhances breathing and endurance.
- Fits over braces and can be worn with or without a strap.
- Includes hard shell anti-microbial storage case.
- Backed by a free $8,000 dental warranty.

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3. Tapout Adult Mouthguard

Finally, a mouth guard for every athlete in every sport; Amateur or pro, male or female, with or without braces, there is now just one mouth guard. From the fiercest brand in sports, comes mouth protection like no other. Tapout mouth guards has innovated a mouth protection system so advanced it rivals the safety and performance of custom-molded mouth guards that cost hundreds of dollars, but at a fraction of the cost.
- 2 two color mouth guard and 2 straps.
- 29 color options.
- $30,000 Dental Warranty.
- Can be re-molded up to 11 times each mouth guard.

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