Top 3 Door Scratch Protector

The damage cost by dogs clawing on your doors can be costly. It can damage your door, door frame, and paint. Adding protection to your doors can save you money and also protect your dog from splinters from wooden doors. Below are the top 3 door scratch protectors.

1. The ClawGuard - The Ultimate Door Scratch Shield

The ClawGuard offers a simple solution to a costly problem. It is a reliable protection against claw damage caused by pets. Extensive coverage shields targeted areas on door, door frame and wall. The easy-to-install ClawGuard is transparent in color to match any decor. Doors and door frames that splinter can cause serious injury and irritation to pet's paws. This product is the sure way to protect pets from splinter injuries while maintaining the integrity of your household doors. It protects against doors that splinter, sheds paint or displays unsightly scratch marks.

- Protects targeted areas: Door, frame and wall protection.
- Smooth or textured surface to easily hear scratching.
- Fits standard doors: Easily trim with household scissors.
- Easy installation. No ugly hardware, Velcro fasteners, or anchors required.
- Measures W18 x L43, 100% Made in USA.

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2. Door Scratch Protector

Door Scratch Protector lets dog claw at door when they want to go out or come in without leaving marks on the door. The damage left by dogs clawing at the door can be costly to repair the damage. This product helps protect the door without leaving marks from dogs claws. It hangs from doorknob with ten hook-and-loop anchors to hold in place. It features clear vinyl that wipes clean with damp cloth. This product measures 16 x 36" inches.

- Lets dog claw at door when they want to go out or come in.
- Protects the doors without leaving marks.
- Hangs from doorknob with ten hook-and-loop anchors to hold in place.
- Clear vinyl that wipes clean with damp cloth.
- Size 16 inch x 36 inch.

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3. The Door Shield - Pet Scratch Protector

The Cardinal Gates Door Shield is a simple affordable solution to protect your doors from pet scratching & pawing. The Door Shield is tough, crystal-clear plastic, non-toxic and latex-free. It covers the width of most standard doors and can be easily trimmed with scissors for smaller doors. Installation is fast and simple. Virtually invisible, the Door Shield adheres without hardware. It uses just nine 1”x1” clear, high-strength 3M VHB adhesive squares. Each Cardinal Gates Door Shield measures 33" x 35". Conveniently, it adheres to most any door construction: metal, wood, or glass.

- Protects doors from pet scratch damage.
- Shatterproof, flexible crystal-clear, latex-free, non-toxic plastic.
- Easy to install with included adhesive; trim to size with scissors.
- Fits standard sized doors: wood, metal, or glass doors.
- Measures 33 inch by 35 inch, made in the USA.

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