Top 3 Dog Whistle

A dog whistle, which is also called silent whistles, is a type of whistle that produces a high pitch sound. These whistles are said to be hard for humans to hear or even silent, yet dogs can hear the sound. Some whistles can be adjusted to change the frequency of the sound. Below are the top rated dog whistles.

1. Herm Sprenger - Silent Dog Training Whistle

The human ear can hear only a quiet high pitched note, but a dog can pick up this sound at a distance of up to 400 yards (depending on direction and strength of the wind). The tone can be adjusted by turning the screw after removal of the protective cover. During training it is important the same pitch of note is always maintained. This can be achieved by use of the locking nut fitted on the adjustment screw. The plastic cover will protect the whistle from dust when carried in a pocket.

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2. Acme Sonec Working Dog Whistle

The Acme Sonec Working Dog Whistle is easy blowing which emits ultra high pitch without the cork. It produces a solid tone with a single extremely high frequency.

- Easy to blow.
- Ultra high pitch.
- Extremely high frequency.

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3. Silent Dog Training Whistle

This product is a silent dog training whistle. Your dog hears it, but your neighbors don't. It is precision made and of professional quality. It also features adjustable pitch.

- Precision made.
- Professional quality.
- Adjustable pitch.

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