Flea Treatments for Dogs

There are many different type of products used to treat dogs for fleas. Below are the different types which can be used: application, capsules, spray, shampoo, collar, and trap.

Application: Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control

Merial Frontline is a flea, flea egg, lice, and tick control for dogs and puppies. It has 3-dose supply provides flea, flea egg, chewing lice, and tick relief for up to 3 months. It is used for all 45 to 88-pound dogs aged 8 weeks and older. It has an easy 3-step application process. The package measures 5.8 by 0.8 by 4-1/2-inch; includes limited Satisfaction Guarantee.

- Flea, flea egg, lice, and tick control for dogs and puppies.
- 3-dose supply provides flea, flea egg, chewing lice, and tick relief for up to 3 months.
- For all 45 to 88-pound dogs aged 8 weeks and older.
- Easy 3-step application process.
- Package measures 5.8 by 0.8 by 4-1/2-inch; includes limited.
- Satisfaction Guarantee.

Capsules: Little City Dogs Flea Killer Capsules

After our FLEA KILLER is given orally in as little as 30 minutes fleas will begin to fall off your pet dead. LCD Flea Killer effectiveness peaks at 3-4 hours and it is out of your pet's system in approximately 24 hours. This product can be used daily, as needed. LCD Flea Killer capsules will kill all the fleas on your pet, but these are only the adult fleas. The eggs fall off your pet and onto the floor where they develop into larvae and pupae. Kill them with Little City Dogs KILLER DUST.

- It's effective: You will literally see fleas falling off your pet DEAD!
- It's clean: No messy liquid tube mess to get on you and your furniture.
- It's safe: Can be used daily on adults, pups, kittens & pregnant or nursing pets.
- It exits through your pet's skin as an insect NEUROTOXIN and is out of their system in 24 hours.

Spray: Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray

Kicks fleas out of the house. Our unique blend of Peppermint Oil and Clove Extract banishes fleas and flea eggs from pet surroundings by killing them by contact. This safe, natural protective formula also leaves an invigorating, fresh scent.

- Kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes on contact.
- Safe around dogs and cats 12 weeks or older.
- Fresh natural scent.
- Contains absolutely no Pyrethrins or Cedar Oil.
- 32 fluid ounces.

Shampoo: Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo

Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea and Tick Shampoo provides immediate relief to your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. The cleansing formula is especially designed to kill fleas and ticks, including the deer tick which may carry Lyme disease. This shampoo has a pleasant, fresh fragrance and cleans, deodorizes, and beautifies your dog.

- Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal is a cleansing shampoo treatment with Pyrethrins.
- Kills fleas and ticks which can carry numerous diseases.
- This unique oatmeal enhanced shampoo helps provide soothing relief from bug bites.
- This product is best used on dogs of 6 months of age or older.

Collar: Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

The Seresto Flea & Tick collar from Bayer offers a breakthrough of eight months of flea and tick protection for dogs or cats, setting it apart from conventional flea and tick collars. The Seresto collar offers the performance of a topical with the non-greasy convenience of an easy-to-use collar. Its sustained release technology means that the active ingredients are slowly and continuously released over 8 months. Kills fleas and continues to prevent re-infestations for up to 8 month. The Seresto collar also repels and kills ticks. The Seresto collar is also water resistant and remains effective following monthly bathing, occasional swimming (if swimming occurs more often than once a month, the duration is reduced to five months) or after exposure to rain or sunshine. This collar also features a release mechanism which in the unlikely event of a pet becoming trapped, the pet's own strength is sufficient to allow for a quick release.

- 8 month Flea & Tick protection.
- Veterinarian Recommended.
- Non-greasy, odorless.
- Available in three sizes, large dog, small dog and cat.

Trap: Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap

This flea trap monitors and controls flea infestations. The patented design features produce the high efficacy of the trap. Lured in by the trap¿s color, the heat and light from the bulb, and the sweet odor inserted in the specially formulated sticky glue disc, fleas don¿t stand a chance. This flea trap lets pet owners see results. The non-poisonous and odorless trap enables safe placement around children and pets and comes fully assembled and ready-to-use. Refills are also available.

- Non-poisonous, odorless flea trap safe to use around children and pets.
- Patented design uses color, heat, light, and sweet odor to lure fleas.
- Attracts fleas from 30 feet away in every direction.
- Super Grabber glue holds fleas fast for easy monitoring and removal.
- Enables safe placement around children and pets; comes fully assembled and ready to use.
- Package includes 1 trap and 2 glue discs; refills also available.