Cree Q5 Comparison

Cree is based in Durham, North Carolina, and manufactures LED lights. Many of their LED lights are used in flashlights. Other companies that make flashlights uses Cree lights and describe their products as a "Cree flashlight". Below are flashlights that uses Cree LEDs.

Comparison Chart

Cree Q5 - Cree

Lumens: 240

Batteries: 3x AAA

  • Made with metal and magnesium alloy material
  • Lighting distance up to 800 meters
  • 100,000 hours of LED emitter lifetime

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Cree XP-G R5 - Olight i2

Lumens: 75

Batteries: 1x AA

  • 1.7 hour run time at 75 lumens
  • 5 hours run time at 20 lumens
  • 60 hours run time at 2.5 lumens

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Cree Q5 - FordEx Group

Lumens: 300

Batteries: 1x AA

  • Skid-proof and waterproof design
  • Adjustable focus zoom light lamp
  • Suitable for outdoor activities

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